Are you the manager of a large or medium sized residential or office building?  We have years of experience working with managers to keep their building operating at peak efficiency and will do the same for yours. Contact us and we’ll email you a questionnaire to help you determine if your elevator is A17 code compliant.

Here are some resources for Building Managers:

Yes, according to ADA regulations and standards established in 1990, each of these must meet specific ADA standards. At First Coast Elevator Inc., all installations meet the requirements as established in Chapter 4 of the United States Access Board, the section that describes the criteria for elevators in §407.

If your building has only 2 stories and covers less than 3,000 sq. ft., an elevator is typically not required unless you have an employee or tenant who requires assistance with mobility such as a wheelchair. If your building is used for medical offices or has retail stores, you must install an ADA compliant elevator.

No, according to ADA regulations, freight elevators are “used primarily for carrying freight and on which only the operator and the persons necessary for unloading and loading the freight are permitted to ride.

Yes, the door or gate must be power operated, meet ANSI/BHMA standards, and remain open for 20 seconds.

All elevators are not created equal!

We believe you should make an educated decision when choosing elevators as to the flow of foot traffic expected through your building, the type of traffic in your building (primarily foot traffic or logistic traffic) and the pace and speed at which your traffic is expected. Peak times, building height, population, and square footage are all considerations for the complex equation of elevator planning.

Fortunately, our team of Elevator Consultants will ensure you’ve got the right elevator for your building. Contact us today for your consultation!

At First Coast Elevator, we have decades of experience planning elevator deployment and lobby foot traffic management, and can work with your architect to make sure your building is built with the proper type and number of elevators.

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